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March 01 2016



While Bangkok is now known as a global city that seems to be a world within itself, with Westerners travelling in and out of the place everyday, still it is in Thailand.


Significant Do's and Don'ts for First Time Visitors to Thailand

Sandy beaches shinning with smooth waves, tropical forests filled with wildlife, ancient temples using the contemporary cities, vibrant neon-lit nights, and exciting aromas with an exotic mixture of flavours and revered hospitality, Thailand packs in all the important recipes to make for a ideal trip! Though the persons normally don't get edgy simply because of their permissive culture, it is important to prevent embarrassment! Following is usually a list of handful of Do's and Don'ts even though travelling within the nation:


Prior to arrival to Thailand makes certain your passport is valid to get a minimum period of six months. To go to Pattaya, Phuket or any other Thai destinations, getting a pre authorized visa will not be required as well as a 30 days visa is out there on arrival. If any guests want to keep for longer time frame, than they have to acquire an extension of stay or have to acquire a valid visa.

Ahead of booking the tickets to Thailand, visitor should do fantastic investigation in regards to the location e.g. where to go, where to visit and so forth. Thailand is reasonably liberal; nonetheless, it really is advisable to put on modest clothes when going to temples and be respectful towards the locals.

Ask for support in the tourist travel desk for appropriate and exact details. Deserted and lonely areas ought to be avoided during the odd hours. Take added care about your passports, credit cards and cash specially when travelling by bus or train because it can be truly difficult inside a foreign nation should you wind up losing valuables.

High enhance in the variety of road accidents in Thailand is often a genuinely worry. Hence, the guests should really generally be additional cautious while walking on roads and pedestrian crossings. Don'ts:

Program your stay extremely very carefully as staying on an expired visa is illegal and can attract some form of fines and penalties. Book your tickets to Thailand early and plan the amount of days you want to keep there. If anyone is caught more than staying of breaking visa rules, a fine of 500 Baht each day to 20,000 Baht. If anybody fails to spend the fine, they could be detained, fined and later deported at their own expense.

Disparaging the King, the royal family or any institution with the kingdom accounts to get a criminal offence. Guests laughing throughout the national anthem or mutilating posters with the king are treated with contempt and such situations might cause a public lynching.

Drugs are absolutely banned in เพลงชาติไทย . Drug consumption or trafficking is considered a crime and is subject to punishments which includes life time imprisonment or extremely seldom capital punishment.

Travellers should steer clear of public show of affection. Even acts of getting as well passionate are anything that locals do not like!

Thailand follows Buddhism; hence pointing feet towards a person is deemed highly rude and signifies an offensive gesture. Visitors need to be extra careful with regards to the same.
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